10 Reason you should learn to dance Salsa!!!


10 Good reasons why you should learn dancing Salsa

Feeling blue? Well, dancing is one of the best ways to lift your spirits and none is better than salsa! The dance originated in the 1970’s, in New York, and evolved from earlier dance from South America. Dancing the salsa gives you the chance to take yourself away from the world for a while and here are ten more good reasons why you should take up lessons and learn the salsa:

1. Salsa is a great way to make new friends

Salsa dancing has become a social phenomenon and taking salsa lessons is a great way to meet new people. It’s the perfect ice breaker and, in most lessons, you will switch partners frequently, so you will get the chance to make lots of new friends.

2. Dancing improves your confidence

As you learn to master new dance moves, then your self-confidence, off the dance floor, will improve as well. It will give you a fantastic sense of achievement, which will show in your everyday life.

3. It will improve your posture and balance

Learning salsa will improve your balance and poise. Your own awareness of your body will improve and it will show in how you walk and move.

4. It will make you feel more attractive

Salsa is a very sensual dance and it will show you how to express your beautiful sensual side. Most people don’t often get opportunities to express this side of their personality, salsa will show you how!

5. Salsa is more fun than the gym

Just an hour salsa dancing will burn off around 500 calories and it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym. Dancing increases your muscle strength and reduces body fat; at last, a workout that you can really enjoy!

6. Salsa makes you happy

If there is one thing that all salsa clubs have in common, it is that they are filled with happy, smiling people. Most people need a little pick me up these days and salsa is one of the healthiest and fun ways to do it.

7. It’s a great conversation opener

When you are stuck for something to talk about, you will always have your passion for salsa. You can talk about the origins of the dance, the music and the dance and the steps and, if the person you are talking to knows nothing about it at all, you can give them some quick lessons.

8. Lots of different types of people dance salsa

Salsa is open to everyone and you will meet lots of different types of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Salsa does come from a Latin American background, but Salsa clubs welcome everyone, from waiters to entrepreneurs. As they say in salsa circles: if you can walk, you can dance salsa, it doesn’t matter who you are.

9. It improves coordination

Do you feel like you’ve got two left feet or always find you bumping into things? Give salsa a go for a few weeks and you will soon find that it improves your coordination and grace.

10. There is some seriously good salsa music

It’s not just the dancing that will lift your spirits, the music is great too. Don’t be put off, if you’ve heard some bad salsa music, like any kind of music there is good and there is bad, but good salsa music is awesome!

Do you need more reasons why you should learn dancing Salsa or now you are already convinced?

Stay happy!

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